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CRI Switches To 4.5 Day Work Week

Recently, CRI has decided to switch to a 4 and a half day work week. To give an example of what this looks like, our manufacturing team works 7 AM to 4:15 PM Monday through Thursday, then 7 AM to 12:15 PM on Friday. This gives our employees time to rest, handle appointments, and spend time with family before heading into the weekend.

So far, it has been a smashing success. Engineer Taylor Peck claims, "since implementing the four and a half hour work week, I feel that motivation has drastically increased. Having the extra time on Friday has allowed me to accomplish things that would normally require taking PTO to get done such as doctor's appointments etc. This change has made it feel like we have a three day weekend and leaves me refreshed for the upcoming Monday."

At CRI, we don't just prioritize customer delight, but employee happiness as well. Click this link to learn more about our team.

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