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About CRI

CRI: Perfection in Electronics Manufacturing

CRI is the premier electronic manufacturing services firm in the nation. Headquartered in Laurel, MD, CRI offers top of the line electronic assembly services and is well known for their high quality and intricate manufacturing.

For your convenience, we can produce quick, high quality custom products for your organization, including assembly, testing and even finished goods stocking services. 


CRI offers solutions to today’s EMS demands.  The customer experience that CRI can offer is satisfying before, during and after the requirements are met, which we attribute to years of experience with an extremely diverse customer base.

40+ Years of Success

Founded in 1981, C.R. International Inc. began as a small engineering company providing communications and data processing equipment to federal customers. Equipment ranged from protocol adapters to special purpose radio/telephone interface devices, and federal contracts included engineering services in the areas of secure voice/data, fiber optics and portable communications equipment.

When the need for automated assembly equipment became apparent in the mid-1980s, CRI moved to a larger facility and invested in capital equipment to provide customers with more efficient production manufacturing. As a result of the increased manufacturing capabilities, CRI was able to secure business opportunities in the private sector as well, providing “Build to Print” assembly and engineering services for large telecommunications companies.

Over the years, CRI has established a successful track record by providing technological solutions for complex challenges. Today, with diversity built into our revenue base, CRI is a modern and financially strong technology partner. 



July: Addition of on-site IPC Certified Instructor for IPC 610 Class III requirements


August: Added Ultraviolet light inspection station for inspection of conformal coat


September: Full compliance to RoHS/Lead Free services


October: Moved to Laurel, MD location: 18,000 sq ft facility with temperature and humidity control


November: ISO 9001:2008 compliance met


March: Obtained JSTD-001ES certification


February: ITAR registered


May: ISO 9001:2015 compliance met


January: NASA Code 300 assessment for W-First program support

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