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The Latest in Surface Mount Technology

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Between IPC Class III manufacturing requirements and space flight expectations, the pressure is on for electronics manufacturers to employ the latest in surface mount technology. Information credits to the ASM article, "Top Mil/Aero EMS C.R. International Inc. Expands Capability with ASM’s E by SIPLACE Platform"

One of our SMT machines in action.

Surface mount technology (SMT) refers to the machines used to place components on printed circuit boards (PCBs). However, it is more complex than it sounds. SMT machines must be able to manufacture many extremely detailed designs quickly, and ensure their function in all conditions, especially for suppliers bound by IPC Class III conditions.

“Anyone in the EMS business knows that pre-set component libraries become out-of-date quickly because parts change all the time; being able to quickly teach new parts and add them to the system’s library is critical. -Company President Maureen Neisess

As Maureen notes above, adaptability is the name of the game for surface mount technology. With components constantly shrinking in size but growing in complexity, flexible manufacturing equipment is a must have. Being able to teach the system new parts is a must have for modern SMT machines, and a feature our current technology, the ASM E by SIPLACE, provides. In fact, the E by SIPLACE allows users to place components anywhere from 01005 to 45 mm x 87.5 mm.

01005 capacitors compared to sewing needles (credit)

No company wants to limit their product base due to inadequate machinery. The immense functional capabilities and flexibility of the SIPLACE make it the perfect fit for businesses preparing an assortment of devices.

CRI team with ASM's E by SIPLACE SMT machine.

From engineering support, to diligent manufacturing, to rigorous testing, CRI is present for every step of the process, and will not rest until your goals are 100% met. Contact CRI today to make your design plans a reality or to learn more about how SMT can take your projects to the next level.

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