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National Email Week: Tips from CRI

Did you know June 12th through 18th is National Email Week? For the last 50 years, email (short for electronic mail) has completely transformed the structure of our society. Messages that once took days or weeks to transmit could now be sent in seconds. As a result, connections that were once thought to be impossible now became a tangible reality.

However, with every technological development comes individuals looking to exploit it

. As email usage became widespread, "phishing" and "malware" became part of our lexicon. Anyone and everyone can be a victim of email hacking attempts, which is why CRI works hard to keep employees informed and inboxes safe. Read on to hear some tips for email safety from our IT department!

1) Do not open emails from senders you do not recognize! If the name, email address, or domain are not familiar, erase the message or move it to your junk folder. This is especially true for messages with non-specific greetings.

2) Exercise caution when opening attachments! Always make sure to carefully vet attachments before opening or downloading. It is a good idea to even check with the sender before opening, just to be safe. This is also true for links: be very careful before opening links in emails!

3) Do not give out personal information or bypass company protocol, regardless of who is asking! Make sure to never give out personal, financial, or proprietary information in an unsecured, nonencrypted email, and always verify sender identity before proceeding! A common email scam is someone posing as a company executive, asking for financial information or a purchase to be made. Always follow company protocol for purchasing, data sharing, etc., and verify with the individual, regardless of who appears to be sending the email.

If you have questions regarding how CRI prioritizes cybersecurity and protection of data, feel free to contact us at 301-210-1540, or

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