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May: Small Business Month!

Did you know that May is Small Business Month? Celebrate by supporting small businesses!

At C.R. International, we feel that being a small business is what our customers love the most about us! We are able to spend the time and offer the support that larger companies often cannot. By phone or email, our staff can be reached with ease and are always willing to help. There is a personal aspect to working with a small business that you can't get elsewhere. Our clients know who they're working with by name. This helps to create a working relationship where clients know we have their best interests in mind.

CRI President Maureen Neisess states, “The reality of working with a small business is direct contact with every level of the organization. Every CRI team member is involved with upholding our ISO /quality standards. Every team member is also involved with creating the product that goes out the door. CRI has weekly floor meetings during which jobs are discussed and floor schedules are reviewed. When our customers come back with remarks on the excellent quality of a PCBA CRI manufactured, the timeliness of our delivery, or any other positive comment, our employees take it to heart. Similarly, when a customer has an issue with our work, no one is able to kick the can down the road.

CRI has a singular location, open to any customer at any time. We firmly believe every customer is key to CRI’s longevity, and our main goal is meeting customer’s needs as they are presented to us. This includes handling small runs, hi-tech engineering challenges, and continuous design changes. Many of our staff members have worked with our customers for decades, and every customer knows they are welcome to visit at any time. We are often taken up on this offer, whether it is for a facility tour, a cup of coffee, or an order pickup.”

Being a small business allows us to provide tailored assistance and support to our customers. From status updates to a knowledgeable and helpful team, rest assured knowing C.R. International is there every step of the way!

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