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What's New?: The Supply Chain

According to EPSNews, News For Electronics Purchasing And The Supply Chain, it may take a while for the supply chain to get back to “normal”. Don’t worry, our highly trained Buyers are on the job! Here at C.R. International, our Procurement team works diligently to provide the best options in the current, uncertain market. They make sure that our customers are getting their parts in the quickest time possible.

One of our Procurement team members Mary Clare states, “Although balancing component quality, availability, and affordability can be challenging, being able to delight a customer always makes it worthwhile".

As the demand rises, so do the prices. From searching through multiple trusted suppliers to speaking with direct contacts, customers can be assured our lead times and prices are the best to be found. Procurement Manager Marie says, "These last couple of years of purchasing have been difficult due to the supply chain being the catastrophe that it is. We've dealt with longer than normal lead times, ridiculous price gouging, and unsatisfactory customer service. However, here at C.R. International our purchasing team works around the clock to make sure our customers do not receive the full impact of these times.”

EPSNews referenced the importance of having purchasers with high skillsets stating, “’… people who really understand strategic supplier relationship management became high in demand’” (Jorgensen 2023). At C.R. International, we pride ourselves in having a team with such skillsets. By making sure to fight for fair pricing and quicker turnaround times, we can advocate for our customers and satisfy their needs.

Read more about the current status of the supply chain below!

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